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Leenah's Story

Funniest Cat on earth😹

Leenah, or how we like to call her Tina, is a hard working cat.

Her husband Michael keeps her great company and takes her the nicest strolls in the garden! 

She is a printer assistant, she rides a vintage bike, she can climb the ladder and once she climbed such a tall🌴 tree, we almost called the Fire department!

Plastic Bags and 📦 boxes are her thing, as she thinks she can hide in there!

Leenah, is the only cat that can smile😸 and that loves eating candies🍭

If a light shading appears on the wall, then you can bet she will start hunting it and she will make a crazy- funny noise! She also has the shortest tail ever.

She’s the best at massaging you and she will definitely☀️brighten up your day!

Lina was brought as a supporting friend to Mike in order not to feel lonely, all the way from the beautiful Island of Sifnos in Greece with the help of a dear friend. She will steal your heart with her sweetness!

Leenah stealing the show, never been shy of the spotlight.

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