Here at Shoko we are all Cat lovers! 😻

All together, combined we have more than 60 cats in our houses and couldn't but do the same at our job environment!

So as you know 10% of our profits go to animal rescues.

When you arrive at Kalvou street where our showroom/headquarters are located, the first thing you'll notice is the numerous cats around the shop! But the fun continues! When you enter our offices you'll see many cat houses and games, as well as every cat breed. The best part about working at Shoko is that there are enough cats to pair with each employee!

All of our catsies are saved by our team (and not only) and are literally our main priority! Neutering our baby kittens is the first step for their health care and next up is a warm cozy place to call home. Of course this is accompanied by many of us petting our new members all day long! If possible we try to find new homes for them, but we also keep most of our cats here!

As regards medical issues, we have two vets whom we visit at least once a week, in order to make sure all our cats are healthy and strong! We did pay more visits to them this past year as we have started saving more and more cats, who now stay at a large cat space we 've created for them right next to our building! Cat Shelter is on and our cats love it. It's a welcoming place for all new members of the Animal Shelter family, whether they are baby kittens or old buddies from the hood!

So the cat rescue continues and is growing each year! 

Of course we do love all kinds of animals, so don't be surprised if you see new members of dogs or birds coming at the Shoko Shelter!

Our love is unconditional and our goal stays the same! Save a stray! 



Fasoulas was one of the 1st Shoko fans supporting us from the start, waiting outside the office everyday regardless of the weather conditions! Snow, rain, sunshine he was always by the door. He has been through thick and thin literally. 

Sensational and super inspirational. Always loving and caring. He is the oldest and the wisest. A true warrior and the terror for dogs. He really doesn't like dogs. As the gang protector he will chase them to the point they won't ever come back to the neighbourhood. He weighted 10kg + when we found him. XXL.

Definitely the most social cat when it comes to hanging out with humans.  He eats a lot and purrs even more even when he goes to the vet.

He loves Norwegian girls.

He flirts with Russian girls.

He loves the German girls !!!

He loves the Greek girls as well... 

He has been illustrated in most of Shoko’s collection covers throughout the years. Such a ladies man!

He loves music and beef. 

You can't really pick a favourite cat because they are all awesome… but shhh, Fasoulas is our fave <3

The father of all has now his own home, where he lives with his best friend (and our boss), Manos!




First and foremost, an honourable start with none other than Mike aka The Boss aka El Presidente. Mike was found all alone and abandoned on one of the main avenues in Athens, Kifissias Avenue on August 19th of 2015.

Only 2 weeks old and in bad health condition with his eyes closed and having problems breathing we took him to the vet who said he was not going to make it! But nonetheless he proved that he was stronger than that so from the beginning of his stay during his 1st month at the Shoko Shop HQ he was the King.

He wanted some female company so he started chatting with random cats until he found Leenah from the Greek island of Sifnos !!! 


Tinder match with Leenah <3

Late night facetime sessions.

Mike, a typical ladies man, trying to impress the model showcasing his jumping abilities.

Mike being a pretty boy. 

cat is watching tv

Netflix & chill with the wife material.


It's official ... 

Supervising like a BOSS.

Mike 'El Presidente' takes over the internet.





Funniest Cat on earth😹

Leenah, or how we like to call her Tina, is a hard working cat.

Her husband Michael keeps her great company and takes her for the nicest strolls in the garden! 

She is a printer assistant, she rides a vintage bike, she can climb the ladder and once she climbed such a tall🌴 tree, we almost called the Fire department!

Plastic Bags and 📦 boxes are her thing, as she thinks she can hide in there!

Leenah, is the only cat that can smile 😸and loves eating candies🍭

If a light shading appears on the wall, you bet she will chase it all the while making a crazy- funny noise! She also has the shortest tail ever.

She’s the best at massaging you and she will definitely ☀️brighten up your day!

Lina was brought as a supporting friend to Mike in order for him not to feel lonely, all the way from the beautiful Island of Sifnos in Greece with the help of a dear friend. She will steal your heart with her sweetness!

Leenah stealing the show, never been shy of the spotlight.



Little Pixel is our smallest-sized cat with a baby heart and a matching body type!
She goes crazy about cat food and she likes to stroll in the🍃garden, even though her parents won’t allow her!
She has been in a relationship with Phoebo for a week or two and we think she’s in love with Mike, Leenah’s husband!
If she comes to you to pet her then all you’ll get is love and... a few scratches💛
Did we tell you she loves cheese🧀pies and all kinds of breakfast?
Well this is a one of a kind cat!
She always asks for more and more love, so do pet her if you meet her!
Rock & roll <3 


Phoebo, is a quiet little fluffy cat that will steal your heart💞
Silky elegant fur and cute head-bangs are his characteristics!
Always the gentleman. 
This baby has been through a severe pneumonia and saving him was the greatest thing we have achieved as cat parents!
He loves hanging out with his best friend 🐈 Steve and he’s a little messy as far as it concerns bathroom etiquette!
Sometimes he thinks he is Batman...
If you pet him then all you’ll receive is love!
Maybe the most good-hearted cat we’ve ever met.



Steve the Iron cat was found by our designer Daniela outside her house alongside 3 other kittens. Because of his shyness the other kitties would not let him eat his share of the cat food so his unfortunate car accident came to his rescue as we had to take him to the animal hospital for a few weeks. After that he became a member of the Shoko gang as well. 

Phoebo's best buddy is currently the heaviest cat that has ever stepped paw in Shoko's offices. Pure muscles. No jokes. 

All he wants is to be loved and cuddled.

To fix his leg from the car accident the doctor had to insert an iron piece otherwise he would not be able to walk properly. So now he is an Iron Cat. 



Say hello to the youngest member of our cat family!

Some neighbours found her when she was still as small as a jellybean and because they knew of our ever-growing family, they brought her here! We welcomed her as if she was one of us, even though at the time we thought she was a "Deenos", a male :P 

She is a feisty little one! The youngest, full of energy and always in the mood for games! She has a way of lightening up the place by chasing us around and always wants to eat whatever we are having at the moment.

Metaxades Family

So the story begins with "Suzy" the mother of all of our external cats! 

This cat was born to be a mom! 2 years ago she gave birth to 4 beautiful cats Ioannis, Leo, Aschimoulis & Zoro. Unfortunately we lost "Aschimoulis" in a fight with some dogs, but Leo & Ioannis tried to save them. Zoro disappeared after a few days but we think he has found a new home just around the corner! 

After a while Suzy gave birth to 2 similar cats, Louisa (super fluffy/tiger hair ) and her sister Louisa II (short/tiger hair). All of our external and in house cats loved them immediately so they all started hanging out!

Long story short, Louisa about a month ago gave birth to 4 more beautiful babies with her boyfriend "Lino", but this didn't stop her from saving another baby boy kitten, "Salmon". When a friend, found little Salmon, Louisa grabbed him immediately and brought him to her house, alongside her own kittens and is now taking care of all 5 of them! 

We are now waiting for Louisa's sister to bring her babies to us and then we will build a new home for them, so that they may remain safe and sound!

To be continued...


Periklena is like one of those old ladies in the village who you have no idea how old they are but don't have the nerve to ask either.

Her initial name was Merkel and we found her right outside our door about six months ago. A woman who owned her couldn't take care of her anymore so she decided to bring her to our midst.